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Precious metals are precious because they are rare. There is a limited amount of these minerals produced each year, and scarcity is the reason for their value. The three major precious metals that trade on futures exchanges around the world are gold, silver, and platinum.


Gold is the most popular precious metal in the world as individuals and governments, over thousands of years, ascribe tremendous value to the metal that reflects light like no other. Gold has a dual role — it has industrial uses as well as financial applications.


Platinum is a rare metal, and while there are approximately 2,800 tons of annual gold production, there is around 250 tons of platinum output each year. Platinum has many industrial applications because of its high resistance to heat. The metal also has a role as a precious metal that many investors hold as an asset.

trading/mining Strategies

Physical Bars and Coins

The purest way to invest in precious metals is to buy the actual metals. Bars and coins made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, another precious metal, are available from coin dealers around the world. Gold bars are available in sizes from 400 ounces down to one gram.

Managed trading/mining

Having an trading/mining company manage your precious metals trading/mining gives a lot of advantages, like accurate and timely market decsion. Most traders lose because they get to the market just after the opportunity moved. An trading/mining company like Alantra uses technology to determine where the market is going to and gets there ahead of time.

Key Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals
Like any natural resource, mining will slow until eventually our precious metal reserves are depleted. They will not last forever. Not only does this make precious metals scarce, the demand for them will increase since we have started using them in everyday applications. From computers to medical supply, precious metals, like silver, are vital for these industries.
The problem with owning an expensive car or a nice home is you cannot quickly turn them into cash. While they have value, there is an entire process with selling these items and you run the risk of not selling them at all. With precious metals, that is not the case.
The U.S. owes China alone 22 trillion as of February 2019 and that is just some of the national debt. The value of the dollar is based on the fact that the U.S. has promised to make good on its debts. We’ve seen throughout history that we cannot hope to avoid a financial crisis, the only thing we can do is be prepared. If we slide into another crisis, the value of the dollar could be obliterated and the public would need a backup to maintain financial security. That safe haven is precious metals. Precious metals do not only support its owners in a financial crisis, it also protects them against inflation